Cute lunch boxes say I love you.

Spending Time Creating Special Memories-Parents’ Expressions of Love

One summer, we were particularly busy and my husband and I had opposing schedules, so we could not take a family vacation. We rented a limousine for the day. We packed in food and beverages and drove all over scenic Bend, stopping to hike or eat. We played games, like I-spy and 20 questions. Because […]

Archive by Scrapbooking and Creating Family Photo Cards

Scrapbooking transforms a box full of photos into a memorable work of art. The scrapbooker can purchase kits that have color coordinated paper, stickers, and accessories, usually on a specific theme, such as travel, childhood, a season, or holiday. Dedicated creators collect the tools of their trade, such as a Cricket, a machine that cuts […]

Teach your children to share.

Treasured Books Build an Unbreakable Bond

Most people don’t remember when they first learned to read, but I do. I remember looking at the odd shapes on a page realizing that the meant something to everyone, but me. I would study the shapes every night when my mother would read to me. Then, one day, I could just read them. No […]

Make Time for Free Play

Make Time for Free Play

When our children leave home for school, the whole dynamic changes. Now they are away from us for up to 40 hours a week, and when they are home, we are expected to structure family time to include homework and reading. This makes it difficult to find the quiet moments to play and relax with […]

Play with your children.

Small Moments – Lifelong Memories

  Play Every moment can be converted into a moment of play. How many of us remember every time our parent hoisted us onto their shoulder or gave us a piggy back rider. See the world from the eyes of your children. Place a child sized table near your kitchen and eat with them occasionally. […]

Creating a Meaningful Card with a Collage

Creating a collage is a simple technique that can create a lovely card. A collage is the art of combining items to produce an entirely different art piece.  I am going to discuss three ways you can design a meaningful card using collages. 1.  Use pieces of other papers to form your design.  Many of […]

Creating Meaningful Cards Using Photos

This blog is about creating cards for the people we love.  The type of card we will be creating today will use photos.  Here are six clever photo ideas you could use. 1.  Using either monochromatic or multicolored pieces of paper, lay out a short phrase or word.  When you are choosing the background for your […]